Customize themes quickly and efficiently, whilst providing flexibility and ease-of-use for end-users
/Dropdown Menu
A Dropdown Menu system, with inline icons, multiple columns and much more.
Unlimited positions, with drag and drop add, delete, move and resize capabilities.
Enhance positions and particles with stylistic and structural block variations.
Choose from a selection of six preset styles, easily customizable from the admin.
Responsive layout that adapts to the viewing device, such as laptop, tablet or mobile.
Enhance default and custom content with rich typography and FontAwesome icons.
/Gantry 5
Drag & Drop Menu Editor

Gantry 5 features an advanced and user friendly Menu Editor, which augments the core menu with a rich, drag and drop enhanced interface, to easily change the menu's frontend appearance, such as columns.

The Menu Editor panel takes what your CMS' built-in Menu Manager has and enables you to override it. Changes you make in this panel do not in any way affect the way the CMS handles Menu items.

Drag & Drop Layout Manager

Gantry 5's layout manager also benefits from a drag and drop interface, providing an easy mechanism for adding, removing, configuring, moving and resizing positions and particles.

Due to the way layouts are now created and managed in Gantry 5, there are no restrictions to the number of positions you can have, and are now truly unlimited.

/Gantry 5
/Gantry 5

Style customization is a very simple process with Gantry 5. All available, pre-built presets are displayed in the Styles tab for you to preview, individually customize and apply.

Each preset has an assortment of individual style options, such as text and background colors for the various sections, allowing for swift and easy color scheme changes.

Troi GmbH

CTO > Product Manager | Nov 2012 - ...

/Keeping Deadlines
Keeping Deadlines
Transition from stagnant project to Private Beta release in less than a year. Realistic prospect for product release date.
/Velocity Increase
Velocity Increase
Increase in SCRUM velocity from an average of 3 User Stories per Sprint to 9 User Stories per Sprint, while maintaining personnel numbers.
Position change to Product Manager (and Product Owner)
Take-over of role of product owner after one year in the company for the next major release of the software with an undisclosed seven-figure budget.
/International Customers
International Customers
Essential assistance for sales-department in sealing the contract with one of the top-five advertising agencies in the world, for the first time opening the doors for Troi GmbH to the international market.
/Process Automation
Process Automation
Implementation of automatized systems in order to increase personnel performance, customer satisfaction, greatly reduce work-load and instate strict processes, raising productivity by 400% while maintaining personnel numbers.
Stability in human resource numbers with average customer growth of 30%/month while simultaneously raising customer satisfaction from 4.0 to 1.2 (scale from 6.0 to 1.0), which is the highest the product Troi ever had.
Involvement in first implementation of agile software development using SCRUM.
First implementation of documentation (WiKi) procedures in the technical division.
As Technical Manager

Gantry 5 Core Features

Particles are simple user interface blocks that hook seamlessly into Gantry 5
Configure and structure your menu hierarchy with our new Menu editor
Easy-to-use drag-n-drop layout manager makes layouts a breeze to create
Made a mistake in the layout manager? No problem, you can easily undo it
Icon Picker, Image Picker, Font Picker, Collections, and much, much more!
Dynamic compilation of multiple CSS preprocessors is supported in Gantry 5
Easily add Gantry 5 particles to a location-configurable off-canvas panel
Gantry 5 uses the super-powerful Twig templating system to build your themes
Easily configure Gantry 5 with simple-to-use YAML syntax