Karsten Baumgartl
Product Owner, Professional Wakeboarder, Screenwriter IT-Consultant, Writer, Entrepreneur
Munich, Germany
+49 151 194 16 111
April 27th 1984
Brazilian / Austrian
Highly motivated with a background in creative development, leadership, team-administration and business administration in the aspects of financial-, strategic- and personnel-planing. Engaged in envisioning the business as a whole, providing insights and input for the successful development of the corporation provisioning the tools and resources of his department. An absolute team-player who sees the strength of everybody pushing in the same direction.

Troi GmbH

CTO > Product Manager | Nov 2012 - ...

/Keeping Deadlines
Keeping Deadlines
Transition from stagnant project to Private Beta release in less than a year. Realistic prospect for product release date.
/Velocity Increase
Velocity Increase
Increase in SCRUM velocity from an average of 3 User Stories per Sprint to 9 User Stories per Sprint, while maintaining personnel numbers.
Position change to Product Manager (and Product Owner)
Take-over of role of product owner after one year in the company for the next major release of the software with an undisclosed seven-figure budget.
/International Customers
International Customers
Essential assistance for sales-department in sealing the contract with one of the top-five advertising agencies in the world, for the first time opening the doors for Troi GmbH to the international market.
/Process Automation
Process Automation
Implementation of automatized systems in order to increase personnel performance, customer satisfaction, greatly reduce work-load and instate strict processes, raising productivity by 400% while maintaining personnel numbers.
Stability in human resource numbers with average customer growth of 30%/month while simultaneously raising customer satisfaction from 4.0 to 1.2 (scale from 6.0 to 1.0), which is the highest the product Troi ever had.
Involvement in first implementation of agile software development using SCRUM.
First implementation of documentation (WiKi) procedures in the technical division.
As Technical Manager